Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I had earrings in my cart, and when I went to check out they were gone. What happened?

A. Unfortunately, if your items disappear from your cart by the time you go to check out, it means that someone purchased the last pair and they are now sold out. This is Shopifys way of ensuring that nothing is over sold. Don't let this discourage you! I always restock my most popular styles, so there will always be another chance to get what you were really wanting. 

Q. I have not received any confirmation of my order or a tracking number. Did my order go through?

A. An email is required in order to send confirmation of your order. Please ensure that you enter your email correctly. If you suspect that you've entered your email incorrectly, please email us at so that we can confirm your order and change your email.

Q. I never received my package even though the tracking says delivered. What has gone wrong?

A. If this happens to you, please contact your post office directly to inform them of the situation. so that a claim can be filed. Do not forget to also contact us via email so that we can file a claim on our end. In some situations, the package gets mis-scanned and ends up showing up a day or two later.

Q. I do not see any earrings in stock when I visit the website. How do i place an order?

A. All Honey Bea Lane earrings are released in "re-stocks' that occur at least twice a month. The best way to keep up with restock dates and new styles is to follow us on instagram (@honeybealane) or sign up for our newsletter. 

Q. Are returns and exchanges accepted?

A. Due to hygiene reasons, I do not accept returns and exchanges. HOWEVER, please contact me via email if there is absolutely anything wrong with your order. 

Q. Does COVID-19 have an effect on shipping times?

A. Overall, yes. The possibility of delayed shipping times is there. Tracking is included in shipping prices, so you will be able to keep a close eye on how your package is moving.

Q.  I see that there is a processing time, and a shipping time. What is the difference?

A. Great question. The "processing time" (3-5 days) is the amount of time I need to put the finishing touches on your pieces and get them to the post office. Your earrings will then ship after this time. Although this time is 3-5 days, I really do strive to get your earrings out as soon as possible. The shipping time is the time it takes to get to you once it gets dropped off at the post office. With COVID-19 shipping delays, this could be anywhere from 3-6 days depending on where you live.